Let Me Tell You About Wine

Everything you need to know to choose wine with confidence, in shops and restaurants and from websites. If you like the sound of intense, blackcurranty reds or aromatic whites, this book will tell you how to find these flavours in the wines you buy, regardless of whether the wine is labelled by grape variety or by country.

Drinking wine is all about enjoyment. In this down-to-earth guide Oz explains how to get maximum enjoyment out of every bottle you buy, from dealing with broken corks, to learning basic tasting techniques and matching food and wine.

Oz explores grape varieties, flavours and styles, giving equal consideration to classic wine regions – such as Bordeaux and Chianti – and the newer wine-producing countries such as New Zealand, Australia, Chile and Argentina. Do vintages matter? Are the wines good value for money? Gradually building your knowledge with expert tips, information boxes and more than 300 wines to try, this is a complete guide for the beginner wine enthusiast.

‘…a seemingly impossible amount of information in fewer than 200 pages.’

‘a colourful no-nonsense introduction to wine, free of frills and jargon, touching all the essential basics…’
Manchester Evening News

ISBN: 9781862058651
Price: £14.99
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 200 pages
Size: 230 x 200mm
Illustrations: Over 100 full-colour photographs

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