Oz talks at the 8th AWoCA, Annual Wines of Chile Awards, Bicentennial Edition

Oz Clarke speaking at the 8th AWoCA, Annual Wines of Chile Awards, Bicentennial Edition where he was a judge.

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2 comments on “Oz talks at the 8th AWoCA, Annual Wines of Chile Awards, Bicentennial Edition
  1. I’m from Chile, from Valparaiso the port or El Puerto! about 50minutes away from Casablanca Valley. After listened your speech in Chile, I think Chilean Wines, must be with our personalities, we are recovering from a really dark past general speaking.

    Chile try to growing up now, more mature than before, and I think the wines now represent how we are as a Chilean, we need to see around our region, if is North or South or Central regions, there is so much light and good climate, to give born quality wines with personality, maturity and as we getting old with more experience. So I think your words specially now in Europe with the Economic Depression, drink out, or spend more money its quite difficult. People are changing the habits little bit, having more parties at home, buying from supermarket cheapest food cheapest drinks than before.
    And as you said here is more about Drink, British drink quite fast with food or without food I can’t notice the difference. They want to buy a wine less than 5, now that you are saying they move to more than five pounds the bottle. I think Chilean Wine Industry of course have Wines for this market 5 to 8 pound maybe. Chilean Wine Industry have for any market, they need to keep happy the prices here in UK, and as well they need to promote the consumption as a Nation in Chile and around South America.
    So they will not depend so much of the export market, even when is so important they need to do now, the promotion of consumption of our own products, in all the different social classes.
    I think in Chile we don’t realize that we drink really good Wines. They need to spread this to every single house there. Wines for everyone!
    I tried Garuma from San Antonio, cooler than Casablanca, I love it! and Cool coast from Paredones! Amazing.
    Thanks for support Chilean Wines, I hope you keep the Personality of the Chilean wines in all your tasting around the World.
    Gloria.(sorry if I have a spelling mistake)

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