The latest from Chile

I arrived back from Chile exhausted but thrilled by the progress being made. In particular the leading companies are taking the chilly coast seriously. This is where the wind blows relentlessly and you can find yourself shivering in high summer. This is where the land has lain idle for generations, quietly waiting for people with imagination and money to say – now’s the time.

Now is the time. Errázuriz have spent big money at the mouth of the Aconcagua River. Concha y Toro have spent big money at the mouth of the Rapel. Leyda Valley is humming with investment as producers tumble over themselves to develop these icy foggy acres down at the mouth of the Maipo.

Already the first wines are appearing from the new plantations – the early Leyda plantings have been producing top tangy stuff for several years – and the usual suspects of thrilling Sauvignon, finely focused Chardonnay and scented Pinot are being joined by some of the most aromatic cool-climate Syrahs the world has yet seen.

Take a look at a selection of photos from my trip

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  1. Thank’s for saying hello to George & Maureen Manson…my son’s great Aunt & Uncle while in Chile :-)

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