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This is where you can find out about what I’m up to in the world of wine (and occasionally beer, too) and find out about my books. I have always believed that the more you explore in the world of wine, the more you taste, the more you enjoy. The world of wine is a vast, endlessly fascinating world in which I have happily careered about for most of my adult life.

On the website you can find information about my book events and TV appearances (including the ones I do with James May and Hugh Dennis) through my Events page and News page. There is also a selection of recommended wines which will be updated on a regular basis with my tasting notes and with space for you to leave your own comments. You can also keep in touch with me through my Twitter feed or Contact Oz page. Look out also for the special competitions – there are fabulous prizes on offer.

I hope I will inspire you to be more adventurous in the wines you drink and to be both more critical and more appreciative. Enjoy…

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6 comments on “Welcome to OzClarke.com
  1. Hello, Mr. Clarke:
    While stationed in Europe (1985-1988) I recall hearing the news about the discovery of antifreeze in some of the French wines. Where you one of the people who discovered this error? I hope so. You saved many peoples lives.

    • believe that these contaminated wine were Austrian . Personally I have not seen any wines from Austria since. It must have given the Austrian wine industry a heavy blow. Just to add that I met Mr Clark only one in my life At an exposition at Earls Court. The memory stays with me. Thank you Oz

  2. I’m surprised to see all the bottles behind Oz standing vertically. Surely this could harm the wines? Unless, of course, they have synthetic closures – though this I doubt!

    An answer would really be appreciated, please.

    Many thanks,


  3. Oz, you are awesome! I think you are brilliant! I have a copy of your book ‘grapes and wines’ and love it! I think you and James May are a riot!
    I live in Canada, Ontario to be precise. I work for the biggest winery here and would love to have you over for a proper tasting! (Me included of course)! Let us know when you will be visiting the ‘colonies’!?

  4. Dear Mr Clarke, I am writing a book about new ideas in the drinks business and one of my brands, a Malt whisky called The Singleton, won a Sunday Express competition to judge the best Malt in Britain in about 1987. You wrote a brilliant piece on it in the SE and I would dearly like to get hold of a copy of the article. I know it’s a long time ago but you may have kept it.


    David Gluckman

  5. Hi robin. I address you as the boy I knew in westbere. Have a plan in Spain. Are you interested? Please get in contact. Avril.

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