Oz & James Drink to Britain

We’re a nation of drinkers but what do we drink? Following their previous highly amusing journeys around France and California Oz and James embark on a summer road trip around their homeland, on a quest to find the drink that defines modern Britain. This is an account of their thinly disguised drinking holiday through Britain and Ireland, and what they found out about British booze en route.

The pair start out in a barley field in Yorkshire, with Oz showing James what goes into beer and why. As they travel round Britain they explore the best and worst of British beers and move on to other drinks that might define modern Britain: wine and whisky, of course, and gin, vodka, cider and perry.

Oz and James’s hunting grounds are great British pubs, maltsters, small breweries and distilleries, sparkling wine makers, hop growers and many more, all set against the beautiful backdrop of the British countryside. This odd couple squabble and revel in their differences in an irreverent and highly amusing tribute to British drink in its many forms.

Price: £19.99
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 192 pages
Size: 246 x 189mm
Illustrations: At least 200 colour photographs, maps & illustrations

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  1. Hi Oz,
    The link to Anova Books from the Oz and James book page doesn’t work. The book is on the Anova web page but you can’t link to it from your site, at least I couldn’t. You may want to have your web wizard have a look at it.

    Love your webpage and all the info. Hope to see you on the TV soon. Get after BBC Canada to carry your Oz and James series. They don’t listen to me!

    Cheers (clink)

    Gwyn Davie
    Victoria, BC

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