A Lightly Perfumed Chardonnay

2008 Unwooded Chardonnay, Mad Bay, Howard Park Wines, Western Australia

Tesco, £9.29

Made by the top-rated Howard Park winery in Western Australia, this is an appetizing example of how attractive Chardonnay can be when it is not aged in oak barrels. You get the naked Chardonnay, without the vanilla and spice; this is lightly perfumed, a slight pot-pourri kind of scent, full of melon and ripe apple fruit, with a dry stony rub and a lick of honey.

Review taken from Oz Clarke 250 Best Wines 2011.

3 comments on “A Lightly Perfumed Chardonnay
  1. This is a superb wine that goes “extremely well with itself”. :-)

    No thick or heavy tannins you get from oaked chardonnay. The florals and fruit are wonderful. An excellent wine to poach pears in!

    (the text above reads “how attractive Chardonnay can be when it is now aged in oak barrels.” It should read “…is NOT aged in oak barrels.”)

  2. You are indeed correct Carolyn, thank you for spotting the typo and letting us know. We are glad you like the wine, do recommend others you have enjoyed for Oz to try!

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