Oz and James Drink to?

124 Comments 24 September 2010

Whilst rooting through the photo archives at Oz Clarke publisher HQ, we found this picture of James May and Oz Clarke celebrating winning the International Wine Challenge award for  ‘Personality of the Year 2009′ in the garden of our office in London.

You can see a video of Oz Clarke talking to Ray O’Connor from the International Wine Challenge about what it means to him to win the award, and his future plans for the Oz & James series here

We started scratching our heads thinking about where the troublesome duo of Oz & James could go on their next adventure,  and we thought you may have some suggestions of where you would like them to visit?

Do leave your ideas here…

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  1. simon says:

    I guess Australia would be the next logical step. Maybe throw in a little South Africa. Though I don’t really care, just go and make another series soon:)

    • Richard says:

      I must say since watch Oz and James in France, I have bottle many off bottles of French wine. I would love to seem them do Italy so that I can start adding to my collection Italin wines.

    • karen says:

      I love Oz and James adventures!!
      They are fantastic together – Just like Italy and red wine!!!
      I would love to see the lads in Italy – the wine, cars, the lovely ladies (a match made in heaven)


    • Will says:

      How about this for an idea = why don’t Oz and James do a series entitled “Oz and James’s Great Beer Adventure”? This could take in exotics like lambic beer and have the conceit of being about a subject that James might be more of an expert in than Oz!!

  2. gareth says:

    surely Centraland South America would be ideal even if only to hear the boys say errazuriz while ‘refreshed’

  3. Gavin says:

    Australia & New Zealand? Alternatively South Africa.

  4. Guy Anderson says:

    Oz and James Big Wine Adventure – the Southern Hemisphere

    • Cameron says:

      As a resident of Australia i would have to agree there, although James would be disappointed with the Beer selection.

      • Wine Ponce says:

        @Cameron – disagree. Fat Yak, James Squire Golden Ale, Burleigh Brewery, Mt Tamborine Brewery, etc. Its coming along. That said, I think a wine focus in Australia would be better. Although “Oz and James: The Old World” dealing with Spanish, Italian, Portuguese wines would be pretty good too.

        • deanzt says:

          I’m a british real ale buff who spent a while living in Australia and the beer was certainly a lot better than I was expecting. I’d be keen to see some of the excellent australian brews given the publicity they deserve.

        • APJW says:

          @ Wine Ponce – I also think Spain/Italy/Portugal would be fun; wake us up to some great wines we hardly ever see in the UK!

          Cheers. A

      • James says:

        Agree with Ponse, the beers in Aus were excellent once you take out the usual fair of New, Carlton, XXXX and VB. James Squire is quality. Wish I could get it in UK.
        hopefully James and Oz get down under to show off what the real aussie wines are like.

  5. kaliwarra says:

    How about Scandinavia? A lot of nice beverages is produced here. The rebellious curiosity and experimentation with flavours makes this region both interesting and (at times) amusing.

    • Freya says:

      I agree! Not only do we have a lot to offer here in Scandinavia, but our Alcohol habits are quite different from the rest of the wordl, and can be very interesting. Please come to Norway, I would love to watch you guys experience the Viking way!

  6. Paula says:

    I’d love to see you work with James again.
    It’s got to be N.Z. next time hasn’t it? :)

    • Wine Ponce says:

      @Paula – agreed. Hugh Dennis is pretty good in Mock the Week, and the Christmas special with Oz was good, but no-where near the same dynamic element you get between Oz and James.

  7. Sandor says:

    Why not come to Canada?
    We recognize the monarchy.
    We have world class wine regions in Niagara and the Okanagan just to name a couple. Everything from chardonnay to ice wine.
    Wonderful rye whiskeys and even our own take on single malt whiskey.
    An incredible amount of fine small craft brewers making some really great beers.
    Oh…and some nice scenery too.

    • Greg Crick says:

      In my heart as a Canadian I fully agree. We have some great wine that has yet to be recognized on the world stage. Realistically though, It’s got to be Italy.

    • Julie says:

      YES! come to Canada!
      We have some of the best wines, beers, and whiskey…we are a nation of drunks :)

    • Jules says:

      Indeed, Fantastic wine in BC and Ontario, great craft brewers in Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, and BC, great rye, whisky etc. everywhere. And Caribou! Canada would do a great show. And were still british-ish

  8. Andrew says:

    Got to PLEASE be South Africa……or how bout a Tri Nati
    ons AUS / NZ / SA!!!!!??

  9. Lisa says:

    Yes the tri-nations would be great, Aus, NZ & SA. To be honest I don’t care where you go just get back on my TV soon, I miss you guys!!

  10. Bjørn Vegard says:

    What about central europe? Germany, austria, czech republic and hungary… there you got world class beer wine and schnaps.

    Or Italy of course..

  11. Laura Tetzlaff says:

    You will be pleasantly surprised with the outstanding wines we produce in British Columbia, Canada. Also cider houses (yum…scrumpy!) and vodkas. I can see you now, exploring the great western shorelines, rolling valleys and mountains in your camper van!
    P.S.if you need help with an itinerary, I am at your service!

  12. Sylvianne says:

    Apparently the next Oz and James is already done from what Oz is saying in his interview on the awards 2009 but I do hope they go to South America because just the thought of James and Oz in “la tierra del fuego” sounds brilliant! :-)

  13. Carolyn says:

    No matter where you land, I’m sure the humor and education will continue.

    While watching the series, I learn more by accident than by design in all other settings. It’s true!

    If you’re looking for ideas, come on back to the States and tour the country stopping at the small wineries…from Maine to Minnesota to Washington.

    If you want epic humor, take two of your greatest fans with you! One lawyer, one cop, (we’re both female!)one wine ponce and the reincarnation of Beethoven, James. Someone open another bottle!

  14. Chile & Argentina, perhaps extended to the whole of southern America and Central America.

  15. Nick says:

    Being Tasmanian I would love to see a series on Australia! But would also love to see another one from the old world perhaps in Germany!!! So many good wines there (and bad) and such confusing classifications could use a bit of Oz’s expertise and explanation…

    • Sylvianne says:

      @Nick …I think we all agree that one more season of Oz and James just won’t do it…there is to much to cover!… :) So hopefully we will enjoy their company for a few years to come!…and learn a few things about wine in the meantime!

  16. John O'Neill says:

    Chile would be of note. Perhaps now we’ve got rid of the Ark Royal they could keep Argentina ‘jolly’ and have a knees up in the Falklands… (or not. oh well.)

  17. Chris Lindley says:

    Come to New Zealand!

  18. Alex says:

    Germany would be nice, I think. There are several hundred if not a thousand something breweries in the different regions of Germany – all with different brewing recipes and flvours. From Cologne-style “Koelsch” to the different Pilsener-tyle beers – the smoke beers e.g. “Schlenkerla” in Bamberg – black beers, Weissbier and so on… Not to mention the hundreds of spirits that are produced in Germany – Obstler, Korn, Asbach, Underberg (sorry to mention the brand names, but the resemble a style of their own). I would really appreciate to welcome Oz and James in Germany!

  19. Gretchen says:

    Brilliant wine, awesome craft beers, beautiful landscape and plenty of classic cars… what more could you want?!

  20. Lisa says:

    Please, please get back with James. Oz & Hugh Raise the Bar is good and I can’t wait for episode 2, it’s a great series but there is one crucial problem – no James. I love Hugh Dennis I think he’s brilliantly funny and great guy, but he’s just simply not James May. Please reunite with James, it is a magic duo that cannot be repeated.

  21. gus says:

    Argentina and Chile. Please return

  22. Andreas Kakanis-Silk says:

    How about coming to Greece to see if the Greeks have kept up their ancient wine-making traditions that are said to go back to 4500 BC. Unfortunately in the UK, you can usually only find retsina and a brand of red wine I always called “Domestos”. There are some really good Greek wines and in Crete where I live nearly every family makes their own “village wine” which is always drunk at weddings, baptisms, etc.

  23. Lee says:

    I’d love to see them go to South Africa, I’ve been a few times now and the wines are fantastic with great diversity. Would love to see their thoughts on the ‘love it or hate it’ Pinotage :)

  24. Amy says:

    As much as I would love to see them come over here to Virginia, I would say Chile for wine or Belgium for the beer would work well for them.

  25. Les says:

    Don’t mind where it is as long as they do another! Much prefer James to Hugh.

  26. Ash says:

    Italy, please! Australia is too easy because it’s not difficult to understand the wines. Everything you need to know is on the bottle. Teach James what goes into a Chianti vs a Montepulciano d’Abbruzzo, and explore the foods that make a Nero d’avola or a Valpolicella sing. And it would be a gorgeous trip to watch.

  27. Marjo says:

    Chile, loads of great wines, fab food,adventures of all sorts here. :)

  28. Klaas says:

    South Africa!

    with Italy as a close runner up!

  29. Richard Godden says:

    I would love to see Oz review Belgian beers. The variety is simply amazing and Belgium have the worlds best beer, the trappist ‘Westvleteren 12′ which I still have not been able to try yet due to such limitations getting it. I think Oz’s reviews would be so informative to the British public who know very little about Belgian beer. I would also be keen to see what he thinks of my personal favourite ‘St Bernadus abt 12′. A series on these beers would be fantastic

  30. Darrell says:

    Is there going to be a new adventure with Oz and James in 2011? I sure hope so.

  31. Marc says:

    I’d love to see you guys touring Germany, although Spain and Italy would also deserve a go. How about you two, flying in Jame’s aircraft, touring Europe and James bickering about not getting a drink and being used as a chauffeur? :D

  32. Chris says:


    I have to say I had never heard of you but was a huge James May fan.

    I watched the series and I’m still a huge James May fan but also now a massive Oz Clarke fan.

    I never had any appreciation of wine and thought all the tasting, smelling, swirling was nonsense.

    I am now fascinated by the subject and my whole inspiration was the video diary Viognier scene. I haver never laughed as much and in inspired me to buy a bottle. Since then I can’t gain enough knowledge about wine.

    Make another series but please please please please make it with James

  33. cristian says:

    Belgium!!! Definitely good beer, good food to go with the good food, and close enough to France, whatever benefit that might bring.

  34. joyce says:

    Can’t wait for the next new adventure of Oz + James, come to Australia please, maybe throw in New Zealand. Learned a lot from the 2 Big Wine Adventures. THANK YOU.

  35. Grand Larseny says:

    I think of course they need an Oz & James Down under tour. I have lived in California and have during my european days tasted many a french wine, but think a grand tour down under for the two would be the obvious one. I am happy to plan and make all the arrangements, booking etc! Sorry, maybe not a Bentley or RR with a campervan, maybe more of an Aussie approach! Guaranteed some aussie snags on the barbie rather than James’ baked beans and spam!

  36. Ben Shape says:

    Please make another series guys! Aus or NZ will happily have you, but anywhere else is fine too, we need another series!

  37. Ben says:

    Love Oz and James. Got all the series on DVDs and have watched them over and over. OZ and NZ would be the logical choice i suppose, but i dont care where it is as long as the boys are back. Who’d have thought watching two blokes having a pint could be so damned entertaining?

  38. Dan Bourne says:

    You Absolutely MUST do a California beer adventure! The only thing better than English Ales are California Micro Brews. There are just so many different Ales and Beers in California, this would be an amazing show. Seriously, If you need a tour guide for this, just let me know!

  39. Daniel says:

    There needs to be another series I have all the series on DVD and watch them over and over also hopefully they’ll stay and do the series for a few years to come as there are so many places around the world not only producing great wines but other alcoholic beverages

  40. Jono Corfe says:

    Being a New Zealander you’d expect me to immediately blurt out that you have to come to New Zealand or I’ll take legal action against you, but I’d love to see Spain and Portugal as well as a New Zealand trip. I’d love to see a presentation of sherry, Rioja and port. Perhaps you’d like to mention what happens to the barrels afterward (ie. they get humped orf to Scotland for finishing whisky, bless).
    Love your work.

  41. Nicole says:

    As an Australian wine drinker & cellar door tourer, this country & it’s great regions would be too hard for one series – maybe state by state. Which means, starting in Victoria! Most cellar doors & indiviual wineiers in Australia! Lovely Yarra Valley, Heathcote & our hidden, but being discovered King Valley. Plus we have a wonderful restored white 2 door 5 speed rare classic Range Rover for mad English wine tourers.

  42. Karoline says:

    How about ITALY? I’d really like to learn some more about that!

  43. mike says:

    Northeast united states

  44. Travis says:

    Oz must come to Australia!!!

  45. Mike says:

    I say either Australia or some combo of Asian countries.

  46. Dian says:

    Dear Oz and James,
    My husband and i had so much fun watching your France and California series. Not only were they very informative, they were hilarious!!! we can barely wait for your next series… I am sure where ever you go the show will be very informative and comical. James is so much more fun on this show than on Top Gear “grin”. Nevertheless, i hope you visit Italy or Australia, because i enjoy their red wine very much. Cheers!

  47. Mary says:

    I would love to see Oz and James go to Italy, Australia, Chile/Argentina, Portugal/Spain, Oregon/Washington, not necessarily in that order. James has already opened the door for Italy by introducing a Barbera wine in Series 2, though I think I would rather see them in Tuscany than in Piedmont. I think James would really enjoy Italian reds and Oz would have a lot to teach him. And Chianti is the oldest protected wine region in the world. Australia: Barossa is a must and I think the duo would have a lot of fun there. If they can squeeze it in, they could do an episode on New Zealand, too, but I think the Aussies could carry a series by themselves. Portugal: nothing in the wine industry pairs as well with Britain as port. I don’t think James will enjoy it as much but he could learn a lot and the Douro is the 3rd oldest protected wine region in the world. If Portugal can’t carry a series between port and madeira, they could include Spain, where Rioja is a must. Chile: Maipo is a must. Argentina can round out that series. Oregon: They have tasted pinot noir in Burgundy and California so why wouldn’t they go here. A visit to Washington’s Columbia Valley would round out that series and provide a nice comparison to Alsace for riesling.

  48. Ian Lythgoe says:

    Cars & wine – got to be Italia.

  49. Aislinn says:

    It HAS to be Canada. Though you could throw in Oregon and that Sideways part of California if you had too. Just think of the Canada / US jokes! The Okanagan is making some really fine wine. Check out Bill at Fairview Cellars. Small boutique, wine to die for.
    My hubby works in wine and we make an annual pilgrimage.
    The Niagara region is okay too. There are big waterfalls there…

  50. Monsieur Boy-Ar-Dee says:

    Though I enjoy the enthusiastic notion of a “multi-continental” Oz and James show that several commenters suggested, I’d much prefer a single country. One of the things I like best about Oz and James’s trips is the relaxed pacing, which I think would be lost once you start boarding airplanes and trying to squeeze three several continents into 10 shows.

    That said, there are a lot of good suggestions here, but I think it all comes down to the name of the wine ponce himself:


    That’s right, let’s go to Australia! Though really I’m still tied between Australia and South America. Aside from great wines, South America would make a great SHOW. Think of all of the interesting culture to be seen. James has proven on Top Gear that even the petrol head crowd (not being condescending, I’m one of them!) is dying to soak up the views and lifestyles to be found in the more exotic locations around our world. We’ve all visited Spain and Italy, but how many can say they’ve toured western South America?

  51. Ben says:

    I would love to see a tour of the Barossa valley, Mclaren Vale, Clare valley, the limestone coast and Coonawarra, all in beautiful South Australia. There are so many small and family owned boutique wineries to marvel at (‘Two Hands’ being my favourite), as well as the big industrial types that we all know. I’d also love to see a tour of the Marlborough region in New Zealand. I think a comparison between Napa Valley and Barossa valley reds would be really interesting.

  52. Darrell says:

    I am from Canada and cannot get enough of Oz and James, absolutely fantastic. Here in Canada we really do have more to offer than people may realize from a variety of wines and beers stretching across this great country. Here we could provide James with beers that he will continue to drink till the end of his days as Canadian beers are fantastic. Wines from British Columbia and as well as Ontario do not disappoint. Beautiful scenery and wildlife at every turn. There is a major problem as we are to close to the United states therefore are vehicles are crap and winter really sucks. I would love to see you come to my country and grace us with true talent and honest great individuals.

  53. alexander says:


  54. Scott says:

    I think that Belgium is a good land for beer and maybe Holland

  55. Tyler says:

    How about the Pacific Northwest ( British Columbia, Washington, Oregon). Great scenery, Great wine and great craft beer.

  56. The Eastern US is often looked over by wine lovers. Michigan and New York are doing great wines and I firmly believe that you and James should make your way back Stateside!

    My husband and I are opening a new concept in wine retail in Grand Rapids, MI in September. If you are ever in the area, we’d love to meet you and share a bottle or two!! Oz Clarke in Michigan!! What a bold idea.

    Kindest regards,

    Tamara & Jean-Francis (yes, he’s a Frenchman!) Vellozzo

  57. Heather says:

    Washington State, USA. I know you’ve done US wines, but the Pacific Northwest is home to both a thriving wine and beer culture, not to mention the coffee!

  58. Kathy says:

    Hello Oz and James,
    A new Oz and James adventure? Hmmmm.
    Perhaps a beer tour of Germany is in order? Then it’s time to travel across the pond to taste the beer and wines of the great state of Wisconsin. Which happens to be the state our family resides in. I can see James driving a Harley motorcycle, while Oz screams in the sidecar.
    We enjoy your televsion shows as they are not only entertaining,, but educational.

  59. SLO says:

    I think they are at their best when playing off their differences and discovering common (drinking) ground. As to that, I would say Belgium – exploring the progression from farm house breweries still in existence and lambic ancient styles of beer to the mega brew InBev. All this within an easy to drive location. They could also do a short take on Genever, and the food is to die for. Maybe a trip or two to a Trappist monastery for good measure.

    Otherwise, a look at the German extremes; engineering and drinks. Think of the cars, think of the outlandish drinks – smoked beer, beer schnapps, ice wine, stone beer, Glühwein etc…

    That said the comment above with Italy has a huge range of possibilities as well.
    I just hope that the series is not over.

  60. Anne says:

    You should come to Norway! :)

  61. Paul says:

    Oz and James’ Great Aussie Adventure. The wine here is great and the beer ain’t half bad. You can not knock the interesting nature of the people and the surroundings! I also think it would have the pizzaz to stand up to previous adventures. Hunter Valley, Yarra, Mornington, Barrossa, Eden Vale, Coonawarra, Margaret River….
    and that’s just the wine!
    It would also appeal to the locals here and the the folks back in the UK.
    Shame if you chaps do not get together for more Oz and James….

  62. Grant says:

    How about Chicago? Plenty of wine shops…

  63. Alex says:

    Oz & James FTW! :D

  64. Dave Lock says:

    Whiskey`s of the world. Scotland,Ireland,Wales,USA,Canada? I am not sure what other countries produce it, but what a great trip that would be.

  65. I would love to see them in Australia.

    I would even close my Photo studio for three month, and go with them anywhere to do the photography for their book!

    I just really want to see them two together again!

  66. Stan says:

    Australia or Italy I would like to see, any news on when the new series will begin recording/airing? it’s been a while :)

  67. Wayne Hall says:

    Being from the antipodes think of the opportunities
    South Australia all the great Barossa Wines. Then through victoria to Rutherglen and the wonderful fortified wines then the Yarra Valley for pinots and sparkling… Chandon from Moet and others. THEN THE MULTITUDE OF OTHER WINE AREA IN NSW. ALSO THE VOLUME CHEAP AND CHEERFUL IN THE RIVERINA.




  68. Tony says:

    Being a lover of all things Italian, I would love for Oz and James to do a trip through the Piedmont area of Italy. The California trip they took came right through my back yard and I was amazed they stopped at so many of my favorite wineries.

  69. Steve says:

    Belgium! Pleeease do Belgium! Best beers on Earth. De Dolle alone would be worth the trip. Germany would be a close second–maybe Oktoberfest?

  70. Mike Winfrey says:

    You need to do another US special about Washington and Michigan wines. They are far better than California wines.
    Keep up the good work!

  71. René says:

    I’d be largely in favour of Germany.

    I don’t think any European coubtry offers such a wide range of local and unique beverages. Whenever people think of a German alcoholic beverage, beer is the first to be mentioned.
    Germany boasts the largest number of breweries by far in the whole of Europe – it has over 1.300 breweries offering 5.000 different beers, every single one of them unique in itself. If Robin and James were to sample a different beer every day, they would need 13,5 years to sample them all.
    Germany is home of the “Reinheitsgebot” (“purity law”), stating that German beer must be brewed from hops, barley and water only.
    Beer is a modern and fashionable German drink, yet brewing as a tradition prevails.

    Not to forget about German wine, where Germany might “only” be the 8th largest wine producer, however offers a range of grape varieties unique to Germany, such as “Dornfelder”, “Riesling” or “Rivaner”. German vineyards are mostly based along the rivers Rhine and Mosel, and the area surrounding it, which are among the most picturesque areas in Germany.

    And there is much more to discover in the heartland of Europe. The most populous country in Europe has created an incredibly wide range of drinks, which have to be discovered.

    I’d be glad to give you a hand with planning the upcoming series of “Oz and James: The drinks of Germany”.


  72. Joost Brugman says:

    I’d say Oz & James drink to Asia :)

  73. Jacques says:

    While the most obvious choices would appear to be South America, New Zealand + Australia and some more European countries, I’d rather see Oz & James have a bigger tour of Far East and get a more in-depth view of the culture of alcoholic beverages in that area. — But more to the point, now that the question of “where to next” has been hanging on here for so long… Are you still planning on actually making another series?

  74. Chris Marchant says:

    Why not Oz and James Drink to Europe? You could do a country per episode and take in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Italy etc.

  75. Bernard Cornfeld says:

    Niagra Wines are very good, not to mention Canadian beers. But to echo other comments, this is getting rather long in the tooth. Are you seriously considering another series?

  76. Janet Forte says:

    Look at the number of comments!!! That is proof WE WANT ANOTHER SERIES PLEASE! :) Having been born and raised in South Africa I have to put my 2 pence in for The Western Cape. But like so many others I don’t care… just give us another series and make our BBC license fee worth it :) My husband and I have LOVED all the series so far.

  77. Lukas says:

    what about a “whole/central Europe” trip? There is so much to discover in every nation. F.e. I live in Czech republic, which is in world famous just for lager, but in fact every part has it’s own drink. Lager with many homebrewers, Becherovka(herbal liqueur) and one of the worlds best absinth in Bohemia, quite good wine and burčák (young wine) in South moravia, slivovice (plum spirite, also made from apples and pears), medovina (mead/honey wine) in north moravia. The Europe is in fact smaller than USA, so it is possible to travel throught more than one country.

  78. Paddy says:

    A Belgian expert recently said that the U.S. has the best beers on earth. That says something. Otherwise, northern Europe for beers and others, or Italy for wine. Bottom line is that this thread is 2 years old and we are long overdue for a return of the boys.

  79. johan says:

    I have a thing for Spanish wines.
    Bring a Bentley.

  80. Kurt says:

    Chile and Argentina! Please?

  81. Sue & Mark says:

    Having watched the France DVD several times, we too are desperate for a new series! As already highlighted, Italy or Spain would be great, perhaps a Mediterranean series to cover a few options. The wine, the food, the scenery & the people would surely make this a hit. Please do a new series soon!!

  82. Brett Burnes says:

    Have you got a mailing list of some sort so we may be notified if another Oz & James adventure is in train?


  83. Pete Flynn says:

    Let’s cut to the best next venue: TEXAS!!
    Aside from a booming wine business, there is a renaissance of craft brewing that has produced beers of extraordinary quality. Not to mention the ultimate food to pair either wine or beer: barbeque!
    So both James and Oz would be in “hog heaven”; literally!
    One thing though. Ditch that scruffy Rolls convertible and hitch up to a 2500 class diesel towing vehicle and see what 21st century drivers are using as a prime mover.
    Austin, Texas!

  84. It’s very clear that you guys need to make a new season very soon. Australia, Spain, we don’t REALLY mind.. just get back in the caravan and give the people what they want!

  85. nicemandan says:

    Please come to the Okanagan. I’m an expat and used to live in dull, cold Calgary, but I moved to Kelowna after a few years and – blimey – it’s beautiful. Like California meets northern Spain with the climate of central Europe. White wines do best here, but there are some astounding Syrah, Merlot and Foch varieties around too. There’s over 300 wineries in the region, so plenty to choose from.

  86. John Patrick says:

    Come to New Zealand Oz and see your favourite Chenin Blanc site now its fully organic.

    I’m talking about the single vineyard supplying Esk Valley!


  87. Brian says:


  88. Oscar Zarate says:

    I missed you guys. We need another show … and yes, OZ is the short way of saying Aussie … so Australia would be nice for you … I’d be very happy to see you guys in MY country (the current even though you’d find pretty cheap my original country, Argentina)

  89. Fanie Gerber says:

    Why not Try the South African wine producing areas?
    Taking the local “mampoer” moonshine along the way

  90. Sandra Romain says:

    Any news on a new series?

    • Thiago Cortes says:


      A tour of Deutschland’s drinking culture would be amazing! and besides, James would have no shortage of great vintage cars to choose from! :)

  91. jay says:

    I love the oz and james drink to series. Are you going to do any more?!

  92. Michael says:

    Try the Pacific Northwest – Walla Walla, Spokane, Kelowna BC. There are new and interesting wine producers through Oregon, Washington and the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, and lately in southern Idaho.

  93. Ryan Wong says:

    Australia – New Zealand. The whole Oceania!

  94. Don K says:

    I don’t care where it is as long as it’s somewhere!
    I love all 3 series and would watch it it if they didn’t leave James’s local in Hammersmith! Just make another series PLEASE!

  95. Roberto says:

    James and Oz are a perfect pairing (insert wine metaphor). Honestly, anywhere they go is fine.

  96. Will says:

    So–a few years since this thread started. Any updates from Oz? Any place would be wonderful, but how about a beer tour of the US? So much good beer right now.

    The lads seemed to enjoy the California tour.

  97. Quint says:

    Okanagan Valley Canada

  98. H.A.M says:

    Oz & James Drink to Oz!

    From the high-altitude Granite Belt in QLD, down the East coast to NSW with the Hunter Valley & Co. (best Sem in the world?), swooping through the cool climates of Vic & bubbly Tassie to the heartland of great Reds & Rieslings in & around Adelaide. The series could finish with an epic Top Gear-worthy trip across the Nullarbor to oenological refreshment in lower WA (incl. Margaret River).

    Happy to volunteer as a roadie!

  99. Andrew says:

    Australia – would be great but anywhere as long as there is a new series

  100. Pete says:

    Agree with all above. It is a phenomenal series! I’d like to seem them conquer all wine markets globally in time. Many series to look forward too! Keep it going!

  101. Aaron says:

    I’d say Italy would be a solid trip, as their wines are cheaper than French wines but have an antiquity far greater than the French. That, or South America. South America would be a BRILLIANT trip that I for one would absolutely love you watch.

  102. Ben says:

    Please make another series Oz! The world is waiting!

  103. Simon says:

    Wherever you go, please plan it now!! I love the different series and need new material!!

  104. Rob no German says:

    Germany! with Austria and Italy maybe.

    German wine is still very much underrated and could use a popularity boost. Same goes for Austrian wine.

    Riesling, Dornfelder, Gruner Veltliner… ppl just need to hear about the amazing quality and fun factor of these wines.

    And who better to deliver the message?

  105. Rob no German says:

    Oh…yah.. and come on guys.. it’s about time don’t you think?

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