Conversations On Wine: Let’s Talk About Riesling

On a recent trip to the United States I joined Matt Kramer and Kevin Zraly to discuss the merits of Riesling.

Grab a glass of your favorite Riesling and enjoy the ultimate Conversation on Wine.

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2 comments on “Conversations On Wine: Let’s Talk About Riesling
  1. Riesling is indeed one of the best grapes out there and the key question now is which one of the American or Australian dry Riesling would do justice to the famous Choucroute Garnie from Alsace? Could the French be dumbfounded?

  2. Im a “Wine Moron” I will admit but I am trying!
    I just opened a bottle of Julien Schaal Riesling and before watching this was trying to place the taste.
    Im trying to figure out my nose would it be fair to say this wine is appley? Im also getting a sodium bicarbonate bite to it? that feels weird to say though…

    I will admit Im the female James May.

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