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Conversations On Wine: Let’s Talk About Riesling Part II

2 Comments 01 October 2010

My second discussion with Matt Kramer and Kevin Zraly about Riesling, particularly the inherited prejudices which surround the German wine.

Grab another glass of your favorite Riesling and enjoy the ultimate Conversation on Wine.

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  1. Paul says:

    I disegree, elzas wines in general are to sweet and have to much alcohol.

    Gr. Paul

  2. Bryan Huang says:

    Hmmm…..Alsace wines taste like “sweet” beacuse of its overt fruitiness but actually its dry. well …Alsace wines pair well with some exotic Asian dishes, I just love it!

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  • ... Les Abeilles 13 is viscous but fresh, waxy apple, pearskin sharpened up with citrous orange, La Redonne CdR juicy apricot skins & floral

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    ... Colombo cont. ..but his whites have a delicacy and focus. Delicacy for Cornas man. Whatever next. His White Les Abeilles Cotes du Rhone-

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    Been looking at some of Jean Luc Colombo's stuff. He won't like me saying this but I prefer his whites to his reds. I know he's Cornas man..

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    Cos d'Estournel 05 is a cracker. Vibrant, vivid green hue. What? Cos green? Shome mishtake.. no, they make a smashing dry nutty white! Wow!

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